Come and participate in this FREE Service EVENT on FRIDAY, August 2, 2019!


The purpose of the Friday Service Event is to support the Utah Area Presidency in their mission and goals, specifically to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to care for the poor and needy.

We received a sizable grant from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help fund a portion of this service. We have a goal to raise an additional $40,000 to accomplish all the services listed below!

Read below or watch our video to find out what we are trying to do to GO and SERVE!


If you want to come to the Service Event on Friday ONLY, please click here to register:



Feeding Children Everywhere is an organization that is committed to providing healthy meals to those in need. Feeding Children Everywhere is also committed to creating a “high-energy, tangible impact volunteer experience.”

cost per meal: $0.25 cents
goal: 300,000 meals

website: feedingchildreneverywhere.com


40,000 children in the Granite School District are living right at, or below the poverty level, with most attending Title 1 schools. Families cannot afford basic school supplies, and so their children cannot engage in their educational activities. Getting the needed supplies will impact the children by allowing them to participate in their educational pursuits, which will impact their future ability to move out of poverty.

cost per backpack: $10.00
goal: 2,500 backpacks

website: granitekids.org


Last year the Road Home served 4,108 single men; 1,442 single women; and 764 families comprised of 2,679 individuals; 1,510 of which were children. They need hygiene kits to help them stay clean and healthy.

cost per hygiene kit: $11.50
goal: 750 kits

cost per snack pack: $1.70
goal: 1500 packs

website: theroadhome.org


There are 500 million children around the world who have never had a toy. That is why Tiny Tim’s Foundation for Kids completes over 80 projects each year, to builds and delivers 64,000 toys every year to needy children around the globe. Tiny Tim’s Foundation for Kids is based in West Jordan, Utah. It is a locally based organization that works within the community to help make a difference in the world. 

cost per car: $3.00
goal: 1000 cars

website: tinytimstoys.org

Lifting Hands International

Soothing kits are given to families displaced by war or disaster and are used in a number of other settings to help support mothers who lack the supplies they need for a child under stress or colder temperatures. 

cost per kit: $4.50
goal: 3000 kits

website: liftinghandsinternational.org